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Kodokan Lodging Rooms

Kodokan Hostel was renewed and opened on March 16th, 2018

There is an accommodation facility on the third floor of the Kodokan International Judo Center. It has five dormitories, and each of them can accommodate twelve people. There are also individual rooms.
Judo trainees who practice at the Kodokan can stay at the rooms.
Advance reservations and Koodkan memberships are required. Please contact us by the email address shown below:
Click Hostel Room Availability PDF for the rough status of booking.

A bed in a dormitory :1 night / person3,240 JPY
Single room (without bath) :1 night / person5,400 JPY
Deluxe single room (with bath) :1 night / person7,560 JPY
Deluxe twin room (with bath):1 night / room12,960 JPY
Convertible bed :1 night3,240 JPY

*Deluxe single rooms have no window

1) Consumption tax is included.
2) JPY is for Japanese Yen
3) The above shows rates per person per night.
*The rate for Deluxe Twin Room is per ROOM per night.

Please pay your room charges by credit card through Internet in advance.
If it is not possible, please pay the charges upon your arrival by cash in Japanese yen.

You can make a reservation three months prior to your arrival through the International Department.

International Department
Tel: (81)3-3818-4172
Emal: intl@kodokan.org

Cancellation Policy and Refund

The hostel will charge the following cancellation fee as a general rule.

-Same-day cancellation and no-show: 100 % of total accommodation fee
-Cancellation on the previous day or two days before: 50 % of total accommodation fee
-Cancellation three days before or earlier: 0 % of total accommodation fee

Nevertheless, the prescribed fee shall be deducted from the refund.

Breakfast*by advance reservation only

Breakfast at Restaurant Jbien
Restaurant Jbien on the first basement floor of Kodokan International Judo Center can serve breakfast by advance reservation. We look forward to your request.

Time: 7:30-9:00
Location: First basement floor of Kodokan International Judo Center (Restaurant Jbien)
Reservation: Required. Available to groups of five people or more. The reservation must be made at least two business days before.
Contact e-mail address: intl@kodokan.org (Kodokan International Department)

Japanese Breakfast 800 JPY (exclusive of tax)

Grilled fish
Miso soup
Raw egg
Side dish

Western-style Breakfast 800 JPY (exclusive of tax)