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Kodokan Instructors' Meeting was held

On Saturday, March 31, Kodokan Instructo...Read more»

A new Judo Federation has been established in Brunei

A ceremony to commemorate the establishm...Read more»

The Kodokan International Judo Seminar 2018 and the Judo Seminar for JICA Volunteers 2018 are being held

On Tuesday, March 6th, the Kodokan Inter...Read more»

Kata Practice at the Kodokan -Another Kata class was added-

  Kodokan has been conducting a Kata cl...Read more»

2018 Kan-geiko Closing Ceremony

Monday, January 15th was the last day of...Read more»

2018 Kodokan Kagami Biraki Ceremony was held

Kodokan Kagami Biraki (opening round ric...Read more»

2018 Kan-geiko (Mid-winter training) has started

On Saturday, January 6th at 5:30 AM, a t...Read more»

All Japan Judo Kata Championships was held

  All Japan Judo Kata Championships was...Read more»

2017 Kodokan Autumn Kohaku-shiai was held

  A traditional event, Kodokan Autumn K...Read more»

【Birth Anniversary】Information: "Kata-guruma Training Day" and "Study Judo through Sports Science (motion capture)"

During Birth Anniversary Kano Jigoro Shi...Read more»

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